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No matter what your level of play there is no doubt that “feel” plays a major part in accelerating the learning process of your golf game. To add feeling to the understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing is an invaluable asset to the overall objective of becoming more than just a gifted amateur. Choosing the right golf equipment to suit your height and build should not be underestimated and I myself chose a good quality set of Callaway golf clubs following many practice golf games on the local municipal golf course. I was also extremely fortunate to find that the local golf club were offering a complete set of Calloway golf clubs at an attractive price in a golf sale. antigua Poor positioning of the left hand was a major problem for me when I first started playing golf games and I made the mistake of trying many different manufacturers’ golf balls in the mistaken belief that I could get more distance when all along it was found that all I needed to do was to adjust my left hand grip.

This is an extremely common fault with average golfers just starting out in the game and it was during my first golf lesson that a professional golfing coach showed me what I needed to do to put it right. He said that it was extremely obvious from the way I was gripping the golf club that I would be having problems. A good example of this is to look at the positioning of the left hand on the handle of the golf club. This is especially relevant to average golfers who lack distance and tend to slice the golf ball. It is extremely important to feel comfortable with your choice of golf equipment too and to make sure that the fitting of the left hand on the golf club grip is correctly applied.

The problem is that a player’s golf grip can be deceptive at first inspection antiguabarbuda. What may look correct on the surface may conceal a can of worms beneath; you never really know until you open out the fingers and take a good look inside. The best way to check this is to hold the golf club as you would normally, open your left hand and check the position of the golf club. If the shaft runs high across your palm then it is a certainty that the ability of your wrist to hinge correctly is greatly inhibited. This is a fault that probably costs you both distance and accuracy. A sure sign that you have this fault is a hole being quickly worn through your golf glove on the fleshy pad at the heel of your hand.

Fixing poor positioning of the left hand

Having identified this as a problem we need to examine a strategy to rectify it.

Start by bending forwards from free-standing position feet apart and in spaced just line with the edge of your right and left shoulders, allowing your arms to hang freely in front of your body. Take note that when you do this your palms have a natural tendency to face inwards that is point inwards towards your body.

The next step is to take a golf club and whilst maintaining the arm position, place the golf club in your left hand making sure that the leading edge of the club-face and the back of your left forearm are parallel. As you do this you need to position your left thumb so that it points straight down the shaft and slightly to the right of centre. Try to keep your thumb short on the shaft as this is much more effective from a leverage perspective as opposed to the thumb being fully extended. antiguabarbuda

Now hold the club out in front of yourself and looking down at it you should be able to see two or three knuckles on the back of your left hand and be aware of the sense of feel from the club head weight.

If you open your grip again you will see immediately that the shaft will be running diagonally from the base of your little finger through to the middle of your index finger. This is still predominantly a palm type grip but you will sense that it feels more from the fingers than before.

What this small change in grip accomplishes for you is to free-up the hinging motion that is necessary to create the maximum club head speed through impact with the golf ball.

It does this because it increases the flexibility of your left wrist as you swing the golf club.

You will be amazed at how this small change can increase distance, rindx reduce slicing and improve accuracy.

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