Production Capabilities for High Volume Magazine Printing, Choosing the Right Company

Low-cost solutions, industry leading technology, and highly trained press operators are what clients are looking for when choosing the right magazine printing company for their high-volume jobs. But what are some of these cost-cutting solutions and technologies at the forefront of the industry? How can you be sure your printing is being done by knowledgeable and highly trained professional press operators?

One major factor in cutting costs is through shortening the turnaround time on your magazine production cycle. A solution designed to help shorten production time, in addition to several other advantages, is to choose a magazine printing company with CTP digital technology. CTP (Computer To Plate) technology allows for digital files to be transferred directly to the plate which provides a very crisp lithographic reproduction. With printing plates being produced consistently, in less time,e and at a lower cost, choosing a magazine printing company with this technology helps in lowering your production costs.For more info visit these websites

Another way of streamlining pre-press production while cutting costs is through online “soft” proofing. “Soft” proofing is the process of designing the most accurate prediction of what the final product will look like, without any printing. This is done through the use of an anhighh-ended, color-accurate computer program. One example of this online proofing software is Rampage RemoteĀ®, a leading program in the industry. Used in correlation with CTP, online proofing provides an alow-cost, time-efficient solution to pre-press proofing.

Just as important as the technology and equipment being used are the technicians who oversee the production of your magazine.

Choosing a magazine printing facility that has committed to the G7 Master Printing Process ensures that both technicians and equipment meet the strict requirements set forth by IDEAlliance, a leader in information technology for the past 45 years. The G7 Master Printing commitment means that the company uses G7 certified technicians, the most up-to-date technology and techniques, and the highest standards to guarantee the closest match from proof to print. The G7 seal is a must when searching for the right magazine printing company.

Cutting back on costs through new technologies while preserving the quality of your final product by using a G7-certified magazine printing firm could be what your high-volume printing needs require.



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