How to Care For Newborn Pups

Puppies are among the cutest creatures, which, of course, is one of the many reasons that rearing pups is such an exciting and rewarding experience. However, if you have a female that is about to give birth, it is important to ensure that you are equipped and ready for the new arrivals. The following hints and tips are designed to guide a dog owner in the right direction during the first days and weeks of newborn puppies’ lives.

Somewhere to Live

In the days before the birth, it is important to ensure that mother has a comfortable, warm and safe place to give birth. One option is to supply a kiddie ‘paddling’ pool, lined with blankets and towels. Of course, your female probably already has a comfortable bed, but she and her puppies will need a little more space when the litter arrives.

In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that in inflatable pool can be easily cleaned, which will be a major consideration in the days to come. Moreover, pup blanket you may wish to place absorbent puppy pads underneath the pool to ensure that liquid does not soak into your carpet or stain an expensive wooden floor.

Keeping Mother Close to Her Pups

Of course, the other advantage to using a kiddie pool, is that your female can remain close to her young, but the puppies have space to move around as and when they choose. Some dog breeders choose to place the litter in a box, which is fine, but it does not give Mother easy access to her young. Generally, close proximity between Mother and pups is less stressful for all parties.


It is important to clean the pool or box that the pups are inhabiting regularly. Ideally, this should be done at least once a day, but you may need to clean more frequently depending on how messy the pups have been. Supplying fresh towels and blankets will keep you very busy, but, of course, it is vital that their surroundings are kept clean, as the pups are incredibly susceptible to infection at a young age.

When cleaning the pool, try using a gentle disinfectant, because strong chemicals and odors will be unbearable to the dogs and could cause irritation. Mother will keep her little ones clean by licking them, but you may need to help her out on occasion by wiping the pups with a damp cloth. Never use any soaps or shampoos, because Mother will ingest these chemicals when conducting her own cleaning duties.

Do Puppies Need to be Kept Warm?

Puppies, like most young animals, are unable to regulate their own body temperature correctly, so it is important that they are kept warm. Consequently, it is wise to ensure that Mother gives birth indoors and remains indoors for at least the first few weeks of life. Obviously, by supplying blankets and towels, you are allowing the pups to obtain additional warmth. However, if your female has given birth during the winter, you may also like to supply a small heat source. When using a small heater, ensure that it is not too close to the litter and that the pups do not become too warm.



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